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I will help you get your life in order. Any area you struggle with from relationships, career or personal development. My goal is to help you find meaning and direction to enable you to live a fulfilling life.
My Story

Hi, I’m Kirin Dejonckheere. Born and raised in a small town called Antwerp in Belgium. I grew up in a basic household with working parents and two younger sisters.  Since I was a child, I have always been very active – physically and mentally.  Therapists labeled it as ADHD and ASD. My parents were very open to conversation and made sure I had enough hobbies and sports to keep me busy,  so I managed to find balance.

Once I turned 15, I was scouted to become a fashion model. I saw this as an opportunity to change my whole life around, so decided to give it a try.  Because I was build very muscular for a young girl at the time, they told me to quit my sports and eat less, to fit the high fashion clothing sizes. It took me over 5 months of dieting, yoga and running to than suddenly lose 22lbs in 1 month time.  Together with the weight, I lost all my self confidence, physical strength and gained many health issues. I became so underweight that doctors and therapists would use terms like Anorexia. My parents, friends and family saw how unhappy I was, so I felt very disappointed towards myself.

That same month I turned 16 and a few months later I walked my first show for Louis Vuitton as Worldwide Exclusive.  Here, my career as a model took off,  while I was still in high school.  For years I traveled all over the world, walking shows for LV,  D&G, Prada,.. shooting campaigns for Dior, Valentino, Zara,.. and being presented by magazines such as Vogue and NUMÉRO.  But I still couldn’t be proud of myself or the work I achieved as I still felt that disappointment.  Not just towards myself and parents, but also as a big sister.  All those years living out of a suitcase, I felt very lonely. I was surrounded by hundreds of models, but as hard as I tried to fit in, I never managed to become like them.  ‘I’m not a model, I work as a model.’ became my standard answer during interviews. For my friends at home it was often hard to understand the stressful world I was working in, so I lost many connections. I tried multiple psychologists, but they would focus so much on my weight and conditions, that they did not help me get out of the hole I was in.

By the end of the summer of 2018, I flew to New York for my 7th season of Fashion-weeks. Here, my agency decided to let me stay there a little longer instead of joining the other models to Europe for shows.

I was finally able to celebrate my birthday – in September. I rented an airbnb in NYC, made real friends, joined workout classes, got invited to the most amazing parties, started walking dogs.. I finally felt like I found a HOME again.

All this helped me believe in myself again, as a person with good intentions.  Able to connect with people, ready to find my purpose and enjoy life.  For Christmas that year,  my best friend and I flew to the Caribbean for a few days and after that trip I decided to move to New York City . Soon I signed a lease and live by myself for almost 5 years now.

The past years have been very rewarding for me. I quit university in order to move to The States, so started online studies and joined multiple life courses. Here, I found my passion in Life Coaching and combining this with modeling brings my life in balance.

I went trough a lot of pain all alone, what makes me want to be there as a guide to others that are going through difficulties in life. I wouldn’t change my past now, because it gave me some of the greatest strengths and I am grateful for the person that I am today.

I will never judge someone and try to understand people from all walks of life. I will help them overcome their pain, so they can rise up and achieve their greatest goals and then hopefully one day, turn around and help others do the same.

I am a Certified Life Coach

With Life Experience

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