Life Coaching Programs

I provide both online and in person sessions.  I am currently based in New York City,  but thanks to technology,  I have the opportunity to assist you wherever you are.  We can schedule times that work for you no matter what time zone you are in and there is absolutely no dress-code applicable.  I offer 1-1 coaching sessions by video call, wherever you feel most comfortable.  As every person is unique, I take a slightly different approach to every client I work with.  Like a fine suit, the program will be tailored to your needs, personality and desired outcomes.

Coaching Program

A Life Changing Journey

I create a safe and non-judgmental space where you can be your honest self and overcome your obstacles with my motivating support. The answers already live inside you, and I see it as my mission to help you unlock them, so that you can fulfill your brightest, most beautiful, and most authentic self. 

  • Weekly calls
  • Assignments
  • Accountability

The Process

Are you committed?
  • Connecting to your vision
  • Overcoming fears and uncovering your core values
  • Setting specific, meaningful & achievable goals
  • Creating an action plan, new habits and routine  
  • Establishing healthy relationships that provide support and accountability